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16/02/2018 11:48:16

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Issue Summary

Speed of vehicles Sadlers Mead Chippenham


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CATG Action / Recommendation


Last summer my wife contacted the police asking that they implement enforcement action against speeding motorists in Sadlers Mead. This is an ordinary 30mph residential street but a straight road enabling irresponsible motorists to speed. She was referred to Wiltshire Council to request a Metro check. A few weeks ago the equipment was installed and recorded Over a 9 day period 3091 vehicles exceeding 30mph 130 vehicles driving at 40-50mph 1 vehicle driving at 59.3mph. My wifes expectation was for the police to catch the offenders and for Wiltshire Council to instigate traffic calming measures. Both agencies have closed the issue and I therefore ask that you examine the information provided and re-consider your stance on this matter please. The situation has become much worse after Wilts Council removed unrestricted parking implemented a 2 hour waiting limit at the end of the road. Previously the parked cars acted as a calming measure.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Sadlers Mead

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

More than a year

Who is Affected

There is a high proportion of elderly people who cross the road people on mobility scooters legitimately riding them in the road parents with children walking to from the local school and a lady with a wheel chair bound daughter living opposite her who frequently crosses the road in her wheelchair. All of which provide a higher than normal level of risk to the public in this residential street.

What has been done so far

Implemented a Metro Check contacted residents in the road who have raised the issue with both the police and Nick Murry our Wiltshire Councillor for the area contacted John Scragg as a representative on CATG contacted Chippenham Town Council who are looking at tempoarily installing a SID

What would resolve issue

Given that Wiltshire Council have made the issue much worse by implementing a 2 hour waiting restriction to the parking bays in the road. I would please like appropriate traffic calming measures installed to mitigate the risk which they have themselves increased.

Who needs to come together

Chippenham Area Board, Chippenham Area Transport Group, Chippenham Town Council and the Police


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Current Status


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