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08/02/2018 15:26:11

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Issue Summary

Bus parking issues outside Keevil School


Latest Update

16/04/2018 08:56:47 Note from CATG 08.03.2018 - The Parish and School are prepared to contribute towards this. Defer to the next meeting Advise they need to send a rep to next meeting.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Parking for School buses outside Keevil C of E School. Buses are used to bring some children to Keevil School to reduce pollution and parent parking at School start and finish times. It is often difficult to fit the buses amongst parent parking.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Main Street Keevil BA14 6LU

Electoral Division

Summerham and Seend

Issue Duration

It has been an issue for many years and has got worse as the School Roll has incrfeased.

Who is Affected

Those affected by the traffic congestion around the School are pupils whose safety is at risk when they negotiate through parked vehicles when arriving and leaving the School. Others affected are teachers who have to drive to their work due to the lack of public transport villagers who have to negotiate the traffic congestion at start and finish times for the School and through traffic in Main Street.

What has been done so far

The Parish Council and the School have got together to minimise parking outside the School b by directing parking alongside the School in School Close. This ease congestion in Main Street but does not assist with the bus parking very much.

What would resolve issue

It is felt by the PC and the School that painting a large white box on the road in Main Street with the words Reserved for School Bus in the centre would enable School staff to protect a small area of Main Street for the School buses. The PC and the School are prepared to contribute towards the costs of doing these works.

Who needs to come together

The Parish Council and the School are already working together to alleviate this problem. We keep in constant touch about this and other issues in the interests of community safety and harmony.


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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