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06/02/2018 15:13:26

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06/02/2018 15:22:26 issue received and forwarded to local Cllr, highways officer and town council.

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the section of Seymour road once past the hospital is a race track. The traffic speeds up and approaches the roundabout by lidl at stupid speeds and also coming from lidl side. There is no crossing from Seymour estate to the other side for the children to go to the primary school or for children to get from avonvale side to the playing field. The lorries use the road as a short cut to the new road to get to the A350 I followed a tanker doing over 50mph along that road he came up past shanleys weaved in and out by the shop past the hospital and straight along through the trading estate and onto the new road. This road has turned into a major through-fare and it is not acceptable. There is a surgery hospital at one end and a housing estate each side at the other. we need to stop the lorries using it put speed ramps after the hospital so ambulances can still get there safely or stagger the traffic into one way passing like lambrok road so they have to keep stopping. I suggest you look at park road palmer road avonvale to lidl roundabout for the types and speeds of traffic. why tankers and tipper lorries need to use that end of the road is beyond me apart from a shortcut. is is impossible to get onto or off the drive and often get beeped at for trying. another car overturned this week at the roundabout and soon there will be a fatal accident either a child or eldery person trying to run the gauntlet of lorries and cars. Since when was a B residential road the main route in and out of Trowbridge


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Electoral Division

Issue Duration

considerable worse since the new road between fieldways and the down has been opened

Who is Affected

residents of seymour road users of adcroft surgery hospital school children at primary school

What has been done so far

there is nothing we can do to stop the volume of traffic or the speed of the traffic

What would resolve issue

speed restrictions in the form of ramps traffic claming one way passing. banning of lorries using the road as a short cut.

Who needs to come together

seymour residents, hospital, adcroft surgery


Community Area Transport Group

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Current Status

in progress








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