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02/02/2018 21:10:48

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Issue Summary

Speeding traffic Sandridge Road Melksham


Latest Update

08/03/2018 10:00:19 Sandridge Road has already had a metro count with results showing an option of a Community SpeedWatch, which to date has not been set up. This issue was referred to Melksham Town Council who did not support a further metro count. They have agreed to maildrop residents on Sandridge Road in the hope of setting up a community speed watch. They will also be looking at alternative locations for the speed indicator device to be located.

06/02/2018 15:05:31 Referred this issue to Community Speedwatch.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Speeding traffic bad all through the days and also bad in the evenings and throughout the night when traffic is going extremely fast and even wakes me up. My house actually shakes and pictures on the walls move not to mention the noise. The exact location is on Sandridge Road A3102 Melksham My house is 80 Sandridge Road SN12 7QR. The speeding traffic is mostly from leaving Melksham as it passes a mini roundabout at the Co-op on RHS on Sandridge Road and Foresters Pub on LHS after the mini roundabout the traffic speeds up heading towards the large roundabout that leaves Melksham for CalneBromham etc. It is this stretch that is badly affected and I would welcome speed road strips placed outside my house or consideration to make this stretch a 30mph speed limit with warning signs. The Mayor of Melksham lives on this Sandridge Road further down and the neighbours and I have all noted that outside her house is a 30mph speed zone and flashing speed detector. it seems unfair that she has this and not the rest of the road.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Sandridge Road Newland homes development houses on the Sandridge Road itself

Electoral Division

Melksham Central

Issue Duration

Since the new houses were built on this stretch of the road - last 12 months.

Who is Affected

My house 80 Sandridge Road SN12 7QR and all other houses situated on this stretch of the Sandridge Road. From the Co-op onwards on Sandridge Road as you are leaving Melksham the speed limit goes from 30mph to 40mph however traffic far excels this speed as it is leavingentering Melksham. This increased speed is causing noise and pollution damage homes and contects to shake disturbed sleeping and overall poor qaulity of residency. All the houses along this stretch are affected especially my neighbours 82 84 86 Sandridge Road. A simple speed gun would show that speeding along this stretch is a huge problem.

What has been done so far

Weve all discussed how annoying and disruptive this is and I have volunteered to report this problem.

What would resolve issue

Reduce the speed limit to 30mph for all of Sandridge Road not just for some of it i.e. extend from the Co-op to the large roundabout - when travelling out of Melksham. Have a flashing sign to show drivers their speed limit. If you had speeding cameras here youd make a fortune because the speed limit is so abused Just across the road is the new development being built by Barrett Homes. This is due to be completed this year and I anticipate speeding traffic may not slow down in time for people coming inout of this development and an accident could occur.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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