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02/02/2018 14:43:24

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CATG link to issue 5980


Latest Update

23/04/2018 11:44:23 Resident attended meeting and expressed concerns re. increase in traffic speed & inconvenience to residents. Change traffic movement at car park to remove benefit for traffic using Ingram Street. Legal order required, cost in excess of £3k plus signage illumination. TC: Review at next meeting.

05/02/2018 10:50:21 Thank you for raising your issue with the Area Board. The Council has set up a way for local people to decide local highway improvement priorities. A local community area transport group (CATG) of local people and elected councillors comes together to consider issues and proposals and to recommend those schemes that can be taken forward in any year. Before the CATG can consider a proposal, it must first consult the local parish or town council. Only if the parish supports the issue will it be considered further. If your issue is supported by the parish council, it will be submitted to the CATG for consideration. The CATG will then decide whether it should go forward onto the list of priority schemes. Resources are very limited, so it is important that schemes are prioritised in this way. Obviously, not all schemes can be taken forward and some proposals may have to wait a while before they become a priority for funding. The CATG makes recommendations to the Area Board who will decide which schemes will be funded and taken forward. We will keep you informed of progress as we go through the steps outlined.

CATG Action / Recommendation

23/04/2018 11:44:23 Resident attended meeting and expressed concerns re. increase in traffic speed & inconvenience to residents. Change traffic movement at car park to remove benefit for traffic using Ingram Street. Legal order required, cost in excess of £3k plus signage illumination. TC: Review at next meeting.


This issue is linked to Community Issue no 5980 ie possibility of making IngramSilver Street one-way only.Use of Ingram StreetSilver Street Malmesbury as a rat-run cut-through from the High Street to the short stay carpark thereby avoiding the Upper High Street Oxford Street Cross Hayes Lane one-way system. We have spent a considerable while thinking about the possibility of IngramSilver Street potentially becoming a one-way throughfare. Our considered view is that anything which would increase the volumespeed of traffic along both streets should be discouraged. In Silver Street especially we are very conscious of traffic rounding the corner where Ingram Street meets Back Hill and then really speeding from there to the top of Silver Street. This traffic seems to be using the two streets as a means of cutting through from the High Street into the short-stay car-park and avoiding having to use the Upper High Street Oxford Street and Cross Hayes Lane one-way system in order to enter the car-park. We have suggested a possible solution to this below.We believe the following issues should be taken into account Not only is there considerable vehicular traffic which drops off and collects from the Nursery in Silver Streetright through the day from 7.30am to 6pm there is also a fair amount of pedestrian traffic doing the same on foot often with a pushchair and a toddler alongside. In some areas of both streets the pavements are so narrow or non-existent that parentschildrenpushchairs have no choice but to walk in the road. The Nursery also has deliveries of catering supplies which arrive in large cages as one sometimes sees in the rear of Co-op and which are wheeled down from a delivery lorry which pauses at the top of Cross Hayes. Again these are too large to manoeuvre on the pavement so are pushedpulled down the centre of the street. It might be interesting to enquire of the Nursery just how many users it has currently. Disabled residents also live on the above roads and on Back Hill. Carers call throughout the day for various periods either on foot early morning before car-parking charges apply but often by car and parking on the street. Sometimes each carer comes in their own vehicle so there can be more than one car at any time. Additionally the pavements are mostly too narrow for motorised wheelchairs so the road has to be used both to travel independently or to gain access into the rear of adapted vehicles. Both streets have at least a couple of households with two or three small children. Each of these has cars and inevitably there are frequent occasions when the cars have to be temporarily parked on the street to loadunload both the children the accompanying pushchairs general clobber and shopping etc. The Masonic Lodge does not generate a huge amount of traffic but on Tuesday evenings when meetings are held there is always a reasonably large van catering and one or two other cars which park outside on their side of the street. If residents on our side of the street have cars calling then access up the street can be quite restricted in width.If Ingram Street were to become one-way the likelihood is that traffic would be even less hesitant about sweeping in from the High Street as nothing would be expected to be coming in the opposite direction. Out of interest we have been taking greater note of the road positioning of vehicles as they turn right into Ingram Street from the High Street. It seems absolutely possible to turn safely into Ingram Street simply by pulling forward a little more and pausing to check if something is trying to exit before making a turn. Most vehicles start a curved turn before that point and before they can see if their entry is safe and unrestricted. This is what results in the need to reverse back into the High Street. If thats the general case then the whole issue comes down to driver care and consideration.As mentioned above a fair proportion of the traffic that we notice passing is nothing to do with residents or the Nursery but simply people taking advantage of Ingram StreetSilver Street as a cut-through or rat-run to facilitate swifter access into the car park. There is no other possible advantage to whizzing up to cut through. If that were to be addressed by prohibiting entry into the car-park by the telephone box and creating an exclusive exit then both Ingram and Silver Streets would be safer and a one-directional system would not create any additional problems. If Ingram Street were to become one-way without that change then we feel strongly that there would be more traffic travelling more swiftly. This would jeopardise safety and be to the detriment of residents other pedestrians and especially children and families.


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Street / Location

IngramSilver Street

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Who is Affected

All residents of IngramSilver Street but also see specific details in What is the Issue above.

What has been done so far

Talked to local councillor who suggested raising the matter here and linking it to the Community Issue which is suggesting the making of Ingram StreetSilver Street one-way.

What would resolve issue

A solution to avoid traffic using IngramSilver Street as a speedy cut-through to get into the short-stay car park would be to restrict the entrance by the telephone box to an exit only from the car park. There would then be no need for any traffic not connected with IngramSilver Street in any way to use these streets.

Who needs to come together

Highways Department, Wiltshire CC


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


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in progress








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