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31/01/2018 17:08:35

Reference No



Issue Summary

Local children causing nuisance Rutland Crescent


Latest Update

06/02/2018 14:56:12 Issue forwarded to local Cllr and Police. Police and Wiltshire Council asked to investigate. Issue to go to Trowbridge area board and CATG for further discussion.

CATG Action / Recommendation


To whom this may concern My name is mr jonathan penney i live at 80 Rutland Crescent Trowbridge and my garden backs onto lamplighters community greenthe other side of my boundary fence and end of the community green is a ditchevery year we have an issue of children playing in there which I have raised to the council before but over the last year it has got even worsechildren cutting down treeslittering every wheredigging pointless holes in the ground. Thats fine children will be children but this summer gone when they realise my family are having fun in are garden they shout abuse and if we dont notice they climb the tree and fence to shout more and upset my dogswe did notify the police and were very quick to act but that did not hold off for longthere is a perfect play ground 100 yards away so there is no excuseI feel very angry that my family are unable to relax in our own garden and need it sorted I am happy to meet at my address so who ever can see first hand and a previous meeting I had with a council worker about a different issue as I feel the issue gets fobbed off.Many thanks mr penney


Issue Location


Street / Location

80 Rutland crescent

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

5 years

Who is Affected

Memy wifemy 3 year old sonfriends

What has been done so far

Contact council

What would resolve issue

The ditch sortedas the developer who built the housing estatelamplighters should have fitted a connected pipe across the storm drains and covered over but never did.

Who needs to come together

Not sure


Community safety

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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