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29/01/2018 19:45:44

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Issue Summary

Broughton Gifford Village Entrances


Latest Update

16/04/2018 08:54:23 Note from CATG 08.03.2018 - The Parish wish to have dry stone wall features at the entry points to the village. Broughton Gifford Parish Council to provide further information to Mark on what they would like to be provided.

CATG Action / Recommendation


At all the entrances to Broughton Gifford village from Melksham Lane direction from the Holt Direction in East Laneand from the Atworth direction in Coombe Lane See extract from CATG Report below You will see from the Notes of the Councils Highways Working Party 29th November 2017 Min. 18317 that the Parish Council would like to enhance the individuality and character of the village by conveying the Ganderland theme at village entrances. The aim is to give a clear signal to drivers to take care that they are entering the village and community area. As Broughton Gifford is a traditional Bath Stone village we would like to install at each village entrance dry-stone walled planters wall with a goose carved in stone. These would be adjacent to and enhance the village nameplate and speed limit. The planterswalls would provide a habitat for insects and could include flowers which would be maintained by volunteers. The Parish Council would appreciate advice re what would be permissible e.g. size materials regulations etc. Please would you inform whether we would need a licence andor planning permission to make these gateway features. Would Wiltshire Highways and CATG be willing to support this concept for our village


Issue Location


Street / Location

Melksham Lane East Lane Coombe Lane

Electoral Division

Melksham Without North

Issue Duration

November 2017

Who is Affected

Whole village - we need defined village entrances to slow down traffic on the road approaches to the village.

What has been done so far

The proposal was included in a report to the CATG Meeting on 18th January 2018. prior to that the issue of speeding into the village has een raised regularly at CATG Meetings.

What would resolve issue

Site Meeting with Snr. Highway Officers followed by a letter to confirm what would be permitted to comprise formal village entrances

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council Snr. Highways Officers, Wiltshire Cllr. Phil Alford and Broughton Gifford Parish Council


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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