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07/12/2017 16:28:05

Reference No



Issue Summary

Cars mounting and ruining the kerb Winterbourne Earls


Latest Update

27/06/2018 11:06:57 PC received quote from local company for supply & installation of 15 number concrete bollards at £637.70 + VAT. Does this include traffic management measures? Further investigation required to confirm whether this company has the correct insurance and streetworks accredictation to work on the public highway. KD sourced quote from Wiltshire Council supplier for 15 no Glasdon Glenwood bollards (specification attached below) with installation.Check that local company has correct accreditation and insurance to work on the Public Highway. Statutory Undertaker information will need to be obtained. Agreed to go forward in principle. our contractor at £3,500. This includes temporary traffic management for working on A338. To be discussed further at meeting.

14/03/2018 10:47:47 The Area Board agrees to fund the scheme to install bollards at a cost of 4000 and makes this a top 5 priority subject to confirmation from Winterbourne PC with regards to their 25% contribution.

07/12/2017 16:48:26 This will be discussed next CATG

CATG Action / Recommendation


Winterbourne Parish Council would like to request an item to be included at the next CATG meeting - the PC is concerned about vehicles being parked on the grass verge to the right of the bus shelter at Summerlug - we understand that this area is under the juriscidtion of Wilts Council. The PC has suggested placing bollards at the site wtih funding sought from the CATG for the bollards WPC prepared to contribute if necessaryapplicable.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Summerlug Winterbourne Earls SP4 6HA

Electoral Division

Bourne and Woodford Valley

Issue Duration

November 2017

Who is Affected

Parishioners - those that traverse the area

What has been done so far

Contact with the CATG in the first instance

What would resolve issue

Placement of bollards at the site in question

Who needs to come together

Wilts Council


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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