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05/12/2017 22:51:15

Reference No



Issue Summary

Pedestrian safety on Church chicane footpath LM


Latest Update

09/06/2018 05:53:23 060618 Church chicane, SH and DC are to discuss – no longer CATG

20/03/2018 08:14:13 20/3/18 Update from LMPC 5916 - This Issue was taken on board by Steve Hind who agreed to program the removal of existing give-way lines and to re-install 3/4m furtrher back from the build-out outside the Church and opposite the Parish Hall. This to be programmed urgently as there is a major risk to life both adults and children due to vehicles being thrown across the road head on in to people using the footpath.

13/03/2018 17:41:56 CATG 7/3/2018 Steve Hnd has an action to look at the give way as part of road safety

04/01/2018 09:58:22 to be discussed at next CATG meeting Feb 28th

CATG Action / Recommendation

09/06/2018 05:53:23 060618 - close issue as being taken forward outside CATG


Pedestrian safety on Church chicane footpath on The Street Lydiard Millicent.The traffic calming chicane has been reworked following incidents where people using the footpath and vehicles entering the chicane area had come into contact near misses and actual bodily harm by way of vehicle mirrors striking people and pushchairs with children walking along-side.


Issue Location

Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade

Street / Location

The Street dirctly outside the Church to one side of the road and the Parish hall the other

Electoral Division

Wootton Bassett East

Issue Duration

For years and years

Who is Affected

All people using the footpath children and vehicle users

What has been done so far

The Parish Council engaged with Wiltshire Council to have the issue reviewed by way of raising an Issue sheet and physical visits from the Highways team to see the problem at first hand. The buildout at one end of the chichane was redesigned and road markings re-applied in a new location further back. The works appear to have made the problem worse and more people are complaing si much so that Mr Steve Hind was agian engaged and the problem handed to Tina Giles of the County Road Safety team handed the issue this led to a site visit on 11th October from Colin Reeves who visited the location on 3no. occassions and concluded that Give way markings should be re-located further back which will encourage vehicles moving towards the village to manoeuvre further from the pavement however it has to be noted that he did not review traffic in the opposite direction leaving the village which drives very close to the kerb which can be very disturbing if a large lorry.

What would resolve issue

Lydiard Millicent Parish Council would like to see the Chichane revisited and works carried out as proposed by Colin Reeves with regards the Giveway markings and a review of out going traffic proformed all at no cost to the Parish as the problem should have been properly reviewed internally at WCC and works carried out accordingly.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire County Council, County Term Contractor & Lydiard Millicent Parish Council


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

No further action possible


This call was closed 09/06/2018 05:53:






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