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08/11/2017 19:55:36

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Issue Summary

CATG - Drop Kerbs


Updated in last 7 days (17/07/2018 08:40:)

Latest Update

17/07/2018 08:40:44 Closed

17/07/2018 08:40:12 Dear Mrs Surtees, Ludgershall Town Council have informed Tidworth Community Area Transport Group that they do not support this scheme and so we are unable to take it forward. Regards, Marc Read

09/05/2018 08:24:56 Dear Mrs Surtees, Your request of further action has been sent to Ludgershall Town Council. Any request that comes to the Community Area Transport Group must be supported by them in the first instance. We await there reply. Best wishes, Marc Read

09/11/2017 13:04:23 Dear Jan, I understand that my colleague Andy Cole, in the Highways Team, is aware of Area Board issue no 5841 http://thematrix.wiltshire.council/area_board/issue_overview.php?id=5841 that you have raised. I would request that you liaise directly with Andy going forward, but please copy me into any emails so that I am aware of developments and can update the issue system accordingly. Best wishes, Marc Read

CATG Action / Recommendation


Area Board issue no5398 I am once again reporting the issue of Aster tenants using my drop kerb to access their property. I have read an email from the police saying if the vehicles are using the kerb then running along the footpath that is illegal. I am told from tenant 95 that they have applied for planning permission but are still waiting that was more then 16 weeks ago. I am getting very frustrated regarding this matter and will not let it drop until you have done your job and enforced this issue.


Issue Location


Street / Location

95 99 Andvoer Road

Electoral Division

Ludgershall and Perham Down

Issue Duration

10 years or more

Who is Affected

Me the owner of 97 Andover Road Ludgershall.

What has been done so far

Contacted you on many occasions

What would resolve issue

Give permission as soon as possible for these tenants to have their own drop kerb put into place to stop using mine as this is a danger for me leaving my drive as well as pedestrians

Who needs to come together


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

No further action possible


This call was closed 17/07/2018 08:40:






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