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16/10/2017 17:31:46

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Issue Summary

CATG speeding Bishops Cannings Devizes to Horton Road


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The road outside our house Devizes-Horton is a 50 mph speed limit and this does not start until very near the house so vehicles frequently pass our and our neighbours houses some of whom have young children well in excess of 50 mph. In addition there has recently been a Redrow housing estate built on the opposite side of the road on the way to Devizes in the same sectiom also subject to a 50 mph speed limit which seems far too fast as children often play near this road. A new development is a David Wilson estate is under construction opposite our house with houses facing straight on to the road likely to be occupied by families with young children very soon. A mini roundabout has been placed outside this new estate which is poorly designed such that cars leaving Devizes can drive straight through it at high speed without having to adjust steering.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Road leaving Devizes from Murco Garage on London Road bound for Horton upto and beyond Marlborough

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

For some time but new houses now being completed facing straight on to 50 mph road.

Who is Affected

All residents new David Wilson estate particularly those with houses facing Devizes-Horton Road residents of Redrow Estate Marlborough Close and Wellington Close.

What has been done so far

Completed this form requesting reassessment of speed limit which I believe now fulfills the criteria to be reduced to a 3o mph speed limit.

What would resolve issue

Reduction of current 50 mph speed limit to a maximum of 30 mph and movement of start of speed limit at least 200-300 meters towards Horton so that far fewer cars fly past MarlboroughWellington Close and new David Wilson estate houses facing Horton Road at very dangerous speeds.

Who needs to come together

I believe this is a matter for Wiltshire Council as the authority responsible for setting safe speed limits. For a comparison, the A345 goes down to 30 mph speed limit near Enford even though there are no houses facing directly on to the road there and there are far fewer people living near that stretch of road than there are living near to or facing on to Horton Rd in the area that currently has a 50 mph speed limit between Marlborough Close and the Murco garage on London Rd. Thank you.


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