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11/10/2017 08:29:23

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various issues


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CATG Action / Recommendation


Hii have a couple of issues which i notice on my daily dog walk. 1 Street Light outage. One of the new LED street lights installed along the recently widened cycle and footpath along wingfield road between hungerford avenue and the brook road roundabout. 2 Number of Rubbish Bins Dog Waste Bins. In the morning between the bin opposite Hungerford avenue and the bin on the path at the end of Leafield Road there is not one bin to put refuse or dog waste in. That means half of Brook Road to Biss Meadows all along Sherborne Road and the Bradford side of Chilmark road. including the paths leading up the side of the estate from Widbrook meadow Meadway and Chalfont Close. Could i suggest a bin is installed half the way up on sherborne road either at the end of one of the paths or next to the telephone box. 3 Street Light outage. Since the new LED lights installed at the roundabout at the end of brook road and along from biss meadows towards the open feilds and the brook the existing street lights have been turned off. Are these to be turned back on replaced with LED or removed


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Street / Location

Brook Road - Biss Meadows

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

over previous weeks

Who is Affected

Anyone walking in darkness for the lights and anyone walking a dog or wanting to put rubbish into a bin along the roads mentioned.

What has been done so far

Reported it

What would resolve issue

Actioned as per my feedback above

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in progress








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