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03/10/2017 08:32:52

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Issue Summary

Bell Hill Bollands Hill crossroads


Latest Update

16/04/2018 08:27:59 Note from CATG meeting on 08.03.2018 - The Local Safety Scheme through Wiltshire Counci Highways have offered £15,000 towards the implementation of phases 1 & 2. This would leave £12,000 to be found from other sources. Seend Parish Council are likely to be able to offer up to £6,000 towards this work. CATG members agreed to fund the remaining £6,000. Approved by Melksham Area Board on 15.04.2018.

09/02/2018 11:27:59 The site has been reviewed as a Local Safety Scheme and a feasibility report complete with preliminary drawing was presented to the CATG Parish council to review the preliminary drawings.

16/11/2017 15:37:26 New issue submitted by Parish Council. Parish are reporting 8 road traffic collisions here since November 2016. It must be noted that damage only collisions are not entered onto the Polices database. Highways report 4 recorded personal injury collisions at this site in the most recent three year period, to the end of May 2017. These collisions are recorded as 1 serious and 3 slight. There is no obvious trend to these incidents, apart from driver error. This site does not meet Highways intervention level of 3 or more serious collisions within a 3 year period, for consideration as a Local Safety Scheme. The site could be reviewed as a Local Safety Scheme but with improvements being funded by the CATG. The group felt very strongly that this issue should be supported and requested that this moved into the top 5 priority schemes.

CATG Action / Recommendation


At the Bell Hill Bollands Hill crossroads where the C20 crosses the A361 at the western end of Seend is fast developing into an accident black spot. The Parish Council has recorded at least 8 road traffic collisions at these crossroads since November last year. And these are just the ones we have been notified of. The latest accident took place on 28th September when a holiday maker unfamiliar with the road failed to stop at the junction and hit a car on the A361. The road was blocked for over 3 hours. An accident in July resulted in the bus shelter at the top of Bollands Hill being damaged. Not all of these accidents have had Police presence and therefore may not have been added to the polices database of accidents and therefore not been passed onto Wiltshire County Council. Whilst many of the accidents may be put down to driver error many of the drivers involved have said that the signage and warnings of the crossroads were not clear enough. Even the police on the scene have in some cases come to the same conclusion.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Bell HillBollands Hill Crossroads in Seend

Electoral Division

Summerham and Seend

Issue Duration

Several years but the number of accidents seems to be increasing.

Who is Affected

Car drivers particularly those who are unfamiliar with the roads and local residents who are then affected when there are accidents.

What has been done so far

Tried to ensure that signage is cleared of vegetation. Reported obscured signs for the Parish Steward to fix and reported problems on the MyWiltshire site. We have also contacted Highways to raise our concerns.

What would resolve issue

Seend Parish Council would like to apply to CATG for help in funding improvements to the signage and road markings at the Bell HillBollands Hill Crossroads where the A361 is crossed by the C20. The Vice Chairman recently requested through the My Wiltshire site that the white lines which are now faded be re-painted but have been told that they do meet the criteria for being repainted. Therefore we do not seem to be able get improvements done through the MyWiltshire App.The Parish Council strongly feels that this site should be considered for a local road safety scheme and funding to be sought through CATG. We respectively ask for help to be given by the Area Board through CATG for improvements to help us reduce the number of accidents at this site and to do so before there is a fatality.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire County Council Highways, Seend Parish Council and parishioners


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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