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02/10/2017 18:10:51

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Issue Summary

Poorly cut grass Barrington Rd


Latest Update

02/10/2017 22:31:45 referred to officer for comment

CATG Action / Recommendation


Hello. I hope that I can report my issue using this form but if I am wrong can you please forward to the right person.Where I live the Council is responsible for cutting the grass outside the flatshouses. It is usually left in a fairly acceptable state I still need to go out with a brush but today I am really appalled. The cut grass has been left in big clumps on the lawn and the area around the doorpath has not been tidied up to what I would expect. I obviously do not expect a golf course outside my front door but what has been left for the residents to deal withtidy up is unacceptable. I do realise that rakingblowing the grass away is not the most exciting of jobs but someone has obviously been assigned to do it and should to the job properly. I have got photographs should you wish me to forward them


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Street / Location


Electoral Division

Salisbury St Marks and Bishopdown

Issue Duration

1 day at the moment but not first time

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What would resolve issue

Get another contractor who is actually willing to do a good job

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Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


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in progress








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