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01/10/2017 14:00:32

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19/12/2017 16:58:40 This has been sent to the environmental health team for comment

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19/12/2017 16:58:40 This has been sent to the environmental health team for comment


In Colerne there are many properties that use wood-burning stoves but which have central heating as an option. There has been an increase in nuisance for us and neighbours in our locality however in our case since we need windows opened at night this is a severe problem. We either retire to sleep finding a room unusable due to smoke fumes because of the window being left open or unable to open a window due to present smoke nuisance.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Nursery Road Colerne

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Three years full-time previously occasional.

Who is Affected

Anyone with an open window or outdoors.

What has been done so far

So far weve had to have our windows closed all the time but health issues mean that this becomes difficult especially over winter. We will be approaching those responsible in our patch but it is a problem across the village.

What would resolve issue

Ideally wed like to see the council levy additional council tax 1k-2k per annum might do the trick on wood-burning stoves that are in properties with alternative heating options. For example we and some neighbours have an open fire that is gas fuelled and creates no nuisance for anybody. The council would do well to follow Sadiq Khans initiative in London and attempt to curb this growing nuisance in places where it is not the only heating option. We know those that dont have this option because they are off the gas main and they would be exempt. The practice needs to be made financially unviable in properties where its a lifestyle thing - to get them onto gas.

Who needs to come together

The council needs to levy in the first place, and perhaps further incentivise householders with an option to convert at decent rates by enlisting gas appliance providers and fitters.



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in progress








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