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30/09/2017 15:44:44

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Latest Update

19/12/2017 17:03:07 This has been sent to the public rights of way for their initial comments and thoughts

CATG Action / Recommendation


there is a problem with a public footpath that goes diagonally across a field - just on the broadstone side of corshambetween the main road and towards neston not sure which farm owns it- the field has been ploughed - right up to the hedge so you cannot walk either across or around it.


Issue Location


Street / Location

just adjacent to the corsham to melksham rd on th emneston side - just past 30mph sign .

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

about a month now i suppose - since it was ploughed up.

Who is Affected

anyone from th epublic who want to walk on the public footpath.

What has been done so far

nothing - talked ot some neighbours who all agree it is a problem.

What would resolve issue

talk to the farmer make some agreeable arrangement so it is walkable.

Who needs to come together

ramblers, countryside commission, wiltshire wildlife.


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Current Status

in progress








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