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15/09/2017 09:52:07

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16/11/2017 14:42:15 The existing 30mph speed limit through the Linleys is by virtue of street lighting. Therefore by law we are not allowed to erect repeater signs. Mirrors on the highway are not permitted as they can give a misleading image and dazzle due to sunlight and headlights. They can also become misaligned and their performance can be compromised by a covering of moisture and dirt. Drivers involved in collisions often seek to apportion blame and the erection of a mirror on the highway could result in a claim against the Authority. There has recently been work carried out by our local area office to cut back the vegetation. This issue will now be closed

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There appears to have been an increase in the traffic flow through the area known as The Linleys a B classified road B3353 between Corsham and Gastard over the years no doubt due to the increase in housing development both around Melksham and Corsham itself and with the increased business activity in the area both of which can only be considered positive for the area.Through a section of The Linleys there is no footpath and therefore pedestrians are obliged to walk in the roadway at the very narrowest point of the highway. This is in fact a bus route and therefore pedestrian use must be expected. The danger to pedestrians is obviously increased during darkness and winter months the street lighting through this location is minimal.The premises of Nos. 7 812 and 14 The Linleys have front doorgateway access that leads directly onto the road with no protection from traffic therefore rendering these access areas somewhat unusable for road safety reasons. The growth of home delivery organisations means there is more likelihood of the need for such access areas now and in the future.We are aware that traffic monitoring has taken place through the area over periods of time and only recently electronic speed display signs have been erected believed to be Corsham Town Council but quickly disappeared one can only assume that the relevant authorities are aware that there is a speed issue to consider erecting such devices.The speed limit from Corsham through the Linleys was reduced from 40mph to 30mph some years ago. The council advised that 30 mph repeater signs are not a legal requirement but the precedent has been set by the use of such signage through the villages of Sandy Lane and Saint Ediths Mead Bromham this being an A classified road A342 as an example where there is a footpath for the use of pedestrians.There will always be a number of drivers who will ignore any speed limits but it is my belief that a large number of people are oblivious to the actual speed restriction at The Linleys.Vehicular access to the premises of Nos 12 and 14 are in such a position that a clear view of the highway is obscured due to the curvature of the road. Vehicles travelling at 30mph according to the Highway Code require an overall stopping distance of 23 metres this is subject to good road surface a fit and alert driver a vehicle in good condition and good weather conditions. The view from the access to vehicles travelling from Corsham has been measured at approximately 41 metres therefore a vehicle travelling at around 45mph will not be able to avoid an accident if confronted with a vehicle emerging from this access area and the occupants will have no view of a vehicle travelling in excess of this speed prior to emerging.Recent surveys published in the press have indicated that overall stopping distances are incorrect Independent and Sky NewsJuly 2017 as the drivers thinking times have been underestimated and that at 40mph the overall stopping distance is 51 metres compared to the 36 metres previously thought. This suggests that the risk of such an accident is therefore increased.Permission was sought and obtained by the occupants of No.8 to place a mirror on the private property of No.14 to assist in the egress from their driveway. A mirror would assist the occupants of Nos. 12 and 14 in the same way. Previous occupants placed a mirror on the road sign opposite the driveway but this was removed as I understand the relevant permission was not granted for this to happen from the Local Authority. A mirror would certainly assist at this location and perhaps consideration could be given to allow such as this represents a positive safety step.It is our opinion that a review of the signage road furniture road markings and safety aspects in relation to the use of traffic calming at this location is needed to prevent a potential accident that could result in serious injury or death.I understand the responsibility for the maintenance and safety of the highway for the use of all road users is the responsibility of Wiltshire County Council and the responsibility in respect of the enforcement of the speed limit is with the Police. I am unaware of any enforcement conducted in the locality.It is not the volume of traffic that concerns residents but the speed of vehicles and the consequences of that speed in relation to safety. Whilst it is accepted that financial considerations by the local authority have to be made there is a balance to be drawn between the cost of road safety and that of of any subsequent accident in both financial and personal cost.In relation to the existing maintenance I make the following observationsThe 30mph speed limit signs travelling from Gastard towards Corsham are obscured from the view of approaching traffic by foliage for any sign to be effective they need to be clear and unobstructed.The SLOW road markings have become worn and are in need of repainting.I am residentowner of No.15 The Linleys and I compose this E-mail on behalf of a number of the residents and would be happy to meet with officials in a site visit if deemed appropriate.


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The Linleys

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Issue Duration

Several years

Who is Affected

All residents of the Linleys

What has been done so far

Written to Paul Bollen as above

What would resolve issue

Comprehensive review of signage and consideration of road traffic calming

Who needs to come together

Highways authority, county council, police, local residents


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This call was closed 16/11/2017 14:42:






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