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08/09/2017 08:29:28

Reference No



Issue Summary

Unsafe equipment at Dowding Court play area


Latest Update

20/09/2017 19:50:11 close

20/09/2017 19:49:53 Established that this is a play park operated by Melksham Without Parish Council. Notified the parish of the issue and contacted resident to advise of a suitable way forward.

08/09/2017 09:15:48 This has been reported via the My Wiltshire app. For any future similar incidents please use: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/mywiltshire-online-reporting. This ticket will be kept live and updated from here on this occasion.

CATG Action / Recommendation

20/09/2017 19:50:11 close


There are no handrails for a 3 year old to hold while crossing the cargo net on the climbing equipment at Dowding Court Play area. The cabling and fixings are bare metal with no shielding and can cause injury when a child slips through as must happen quite often.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Dowding Court Play Area Bowerhill

Electoral Division

Melksham Without South

Issue Duration

Probably since installation

Who is Affected

My 3 year old grandson. The injury affected his inner thigh and genital area.

What has been done so far

Refused to go back to the play area.

What would resolve issue

a have hand rails installed and b replace the cargo net with a plastic shielded net.The fixings are particularly dangerous currently.

Who needs to come together

The Recreation Play Equipment inspection team should be notified.


Community safety

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

No further action possible


This call was closed 20/09/2017 19:50:






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