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09/08/2017 09:09:25

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Issue Summary

various traffic issues The Halve


Latest Update

13/12/2017 15:50:43 TTC agree there are issses in this location. Highways Officer to investigate issues and report back to next CATG meeting. Metrocount results show 85%ile speeds of 28.2mph and mean speeds of 24.4mph. There is no history of personal injury collisions within the study area. Highways to arrange pedestrian survey to identify crossing movements and locations. Scheme to move up to top 5 priority schemes.

12/10/2017 14:14:06 Update- Metrocount deployed in July in the Halve area and traffic speeds measured. Result No further action in this location. Other issues to be investigated separately.

10/08/2017 10:10:47 Re speeding issue. Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the Area Board. Speeding is a very serious concern in Wiltshire and the Area Board has put in place arrangements to help local communities tackle the problem. Every speeding issue raised with the Area Board is assessed. Records will be checked to find out if any recent traffic surveys have been undertaken and if so the results will be reviewed. If no survey has been undertaken, then - provided the local parish council supports the request - a new survey will be undertaken. This involves placing metrocount wires across the section of road for two weeks to monitor speeds. You can request a survey by completing a request form which I will email to you. The results of the survey will be provided to you, the local parish council and your Wiltshire Councillor. This will show whether speeding is creating a highway safety problem based on the same criteria used by the Police. Any further action will depend on the results of the survey. If the survey shows that speeding is a problem, then several options are available. Firstly, local people may be invited to set up a community speedwatch volunteers trained by the Police and provided with equipment by the Area Board. We have seen how effective these schemes can be and we would encourage communities to take part. If the problem is severe the police may add the road to its list of enforcement sites and undertake periodic enforcement action. Should these measures not improve the situation, then the Area Board may be able to consider other measures such as changes to road layouts. However, these are expensive solutions and only used if other measures fail to address the highway safety issue. The other issues reported have been passed to the Town Council and if supported will be brought to the Community Area Transport Group for further consideration.

09/08/2017 10:33:13 Issue received.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Traffic issues in The Halve and surrounding streets.There are a number of traffic related issues that are causing significant problems for users and particularly residents of The Halve. These can be summarised as follows1. Speed of vehicles - it is perceived by residents that a significant number of vehicles travel at speeds in excess of the limit of 30 mph. We would suggest the ideal position to collect speed data on The Halve would be on lampost column 9 roadway 11. The majority of residents on The Halve do not have off road parking and due to on road parking restrictions must park in Lovemead car park. 2. Vehicles entering The Halve from the Hilperton roundabout end often do so at an unreasonable speed. This causes three main problems. Pedestrians find crossing at the designated crossing advisory point just off the main roundabout very difficult. Cars approaching the mini roundabout from the Hilperton roundabout do so too quickly and either fail to give way to cars wishing to turn right into Duke St or do not give sufficient time for cars which have already entered the mini-roundabout from Duke St to complete their maneuver. Drivers attempting to enter The Halve from Duke St left or right turn often have considerable difficulty doing so safely as the short distance and high speed of vehicles coming from the Hilperton roundabout means they have little time to make a decision whether it is safe to do so. This makes the Lovemead car park less appealing to use.3. Cars travelling along The Halve from the Union Street direction often attain speeds in excess of 30 mph. The straight nature of the street and lack of parked cars means the opportunity to accelerate excessively from the mini-roundabout end of The Halve is very tempting. This has three main problemsNoise from vehicles under hard acceleration is often excessive especially but not restricted to motor cycles large calibre exhaust cars and heavy goods vehicles.Vehicles which have then gained considerable speed along The Halve are not slowing before they reach the Duke Street mini roundabout. They then often do not give way to vehicles entering the mini roundabout from Duke Street. Several near misses and at least once traffic incident involving an impact has occurred here.If cars have not slowed for the Duke Street mini roundabout the straight nature of the road here means that they can continue to accelerate towards the Hilperton roundabout and this is dangerous for pedestrians attempting to use the designated crossing advisory point at this end of The Halve. 4. Cars joining The Halve from St Thomas Road do so completely blindly. There are two driveways on The Halve within 50 yards of the junction but drivers do not take this into account and race cars coming along Duke St so they can get onto The Halve without giving way. This has led to numerous incidents and problems for residents of 32 35 36 and 37 The Halve attempting to maneuver into and out of their driveways. This includes the writing off of a vehicle parked on the driveway of No. 32 when a driver lost control at high speed while driving from St Thomas Road into The Halve.5. Drivers entering Union St from The Halve often do so at significant speed. This causes issues for anyone entering or exiting The Halve Clinic. These problems are likely to get worse if The Clinic becomes a residential site or the Dental practice increases in size.6. Cars parked in the area to the side of The Halve Clinic in front of the Social Centre regularly reverse blindly onto The Halve because their parking area is too cramped for cars to turn and emerge forwards. There have been several near misses.7. At night when traffic is light cars motorbikes frequently speed excessively up or down The Halve. This causes considerable noise disturbance.8. Significant numbers of cyclists use the pavement in preference to the road. Houses on the NE side of the street have no front gardens and there have been several near misses as residents emerge from their front doors onto the pavement into the path of a cyclist.9. During winter cars driving at excessive speed along The Halve towards Union St have been involved in a number of incidents as they apply brakes before reaching the mini roundabout and skid on ice. It is not clear whether the road surface is particularly prone to black ice or problems are just down to speed.10. The Halve with the exception of The Clinic is an entirely residential street. Houses in most cases have no front garden so the distance from living and bedroom windows to the road is very short. Most of the period houses are Listed so the opportunity to ameliorate road noise through the use of modern window formats is restricted. The noise from speeding cars motorbikes and heavy goods vehicles is therefore a significant issue that cannot be easily remedied by householders. 11. There are still significant numbers of heavy goods vehicles using The Halve that have obviously come from or are heading to the Canal Road Industrial Estate. With the opening of the Hilperton Gap we believe more of this traffic should be using this option rather than The Halve.SummaryThe straight nature of The Halve and lack of any traffic controls e.g. a crossing leads to excessive speeds with a general poor adherence to the 30 mph limit. Even if 30 mph was adhered to this limit would still lead to high levels of hard acceleration and consequent high noise levels. Given the short nature of the road a reduction to 20 mph is not likely to cause undue traffic delays. If such a restriction was in place this should be extended into Union Street and St Thomas Road to prevent excess acceleration once exiting the 20 mph zone. The provision of a safe crossing on The Halve controlled by lights is increasingly necessary and would also lead to a reduction in average speeds at least during the day. If this was placed near the Duke Street mini roundabout it would have the effect of slowing traffic coming from the Hilperton roundabout.The provision of a pinch point plateau or cushion in St Thomas Road close to the junction with The Halve would prevent vehicles racing those on Union St and thereby entering The Halve at high speeds round a blind corner. The addition of a crossing on Union Street would reduce vehicle speeds on Union St and also into and out of The Halve from that street. This would provide a link to the current island crossing on Timbrell Street that provides access to the bus route housing estate and Sainsburys Supermarket.The opening of The Hilperton Gap significantly reduces the importance of The Halve as a route for traffic through the town and so any calming methods that could be applied to The Halve would not cause undue delays. There are alternative routes for all types of traffic and these should be indicated as preferred routes by the changing of signage. All lorries to and from Canal Road Industrial estate should be directed via the Hilperton Gap and this could be confirmed by the use of a weight restriction on The Halve. The Halve and Union St are within the residential Conservation Area and as such we believe steps should be taken to reduce traffic and subsequently reduce air pollution and vibration and thereby help preserve the fabric of these historically important buildings.


Issue Location


Street / Location

The Halve Union St Duke St and St Thomas Road

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Increasingly an issue over a number of years

Who is Affected

Residents of The Halve Union St primarily but also users of Lovemead Car Park pedestrians whose route involves The Halve or Union St.

What has been done so far

As residents we have no powers to resolve any of these issues.

What would resolve issue

We would like to see a review of traffic in this area with the final aim being implementation of traffic calming measures.

Who needs to come together

CATG then Area Board


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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