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04/08/2017 20:17:26

Reference No



Issue Summary

Burning rubbish


Latest Update

05/02/2018 15:13:52 This was passed to Environmental Services. 07/08/2017. Complainant has not followed this up

07/08/2017 10:24:15 This has been passed to Environmental Services for comment. As soon as they have considered this we will be in touch.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Every Friday is my neighbours bonfire night. I live in Annetts close where the houses rear the side of a large Tesco store. The smoke from his burn bin engulfs both adjoining gardens and properties. He often burns large sections hedge often draped across the bin as they are to large to all fit in. Not to mention any cardboard or paper junk mail he has save throughout the week. Hes not considerate and doesnt wait until the late evening. Despite being asked by numerous neighbours. Something needs to be done.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Annetts close

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Too long

Who is Affected

No2 No3 and No5 Annetts close Amesbury SP47RA

What has been done so far

Mr Jeffries at No5 have spoken to them and have asked them not to burn every week and if he has to then after 2100 when our children are in bed. No notice and he continues to light the bin around lunchtime

What would resolve issue

An abatement notice placed on him.

Who needs to come together

Environments agency



In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

Forwarded to relevant Service officer(s) for action


This call was closed 05/02/2018 15:13:






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