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03/08/2017 13:38:48

Reference No



Issue Summary

Speeding opposite junction to Jay Rise


Latest Update

03/11/2017 14:37:30 Officer sent this message on 27/9 to issue raiser Further to the issue you raised concerning speeding traffic in Highbury Avenue a metro count survey was undertaken in the road between the 11/09/2017 and 24/09/2017. You were supplied with a copy of the results of the survey via email on the 27/09/2016. The results of the survey indicated the 85th percentile speed of traffic using Highbury Avenue to 28.9mph and that in line with current Wiltshire Council criteria this location is eligible for any further action. In consideration of the aforementioned information the Area Board Issue will now be closed.

11/08/2017 15:58:27 Dear Ms. King I am writing further to the form you recently completed and submitted to Wiltshire Council in connection with vehicles speeding in Highbury Avenue. When concerns about speeding vehicles are raised with the council the first thing the council will seek to do is to undertake a metro count survey. A metro count survey is a type of traffic survey that records the volume and speed of traffic using a road. The results of this survey will help to determine if speeding is creating a highway safety problem in the road surveyed and what, if any, measures would be appropriate to deal with the problems identified. To that end please could I ask you to complete and return the enclosed form outlining where within Highbury Avenue you feel the metro count survey should be undertaken. The completed form should be returned to Vicky Oates (vicky.oates@wiltshire.gov.uk). I must advise you that if a completed form has not been received by the council within three months of the date of this email the Area Board Issue will be closed. For your information should the Area Board Issue be closed you can always submit this issue again at a future date for reconsideration by the council. I hope that the above information is of use. Regards Paul ______________________________________ Paul Shaddock Senior Traffic Technician

CATG Action / Recommendation


Highbury avenue - speeding cars up the hill reaching high speeds opposite entrance to Jay Rise.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Highbury Avenue

Electoral Division

Salisbury Fisherton and Bemerton Village

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Residents and their children pedestrians car drivers cyclists and school children

What has been done so far

asked local councillor about a speak indicator sign

What would resolve issue

20mph signs and reminder that people live in this street it is not an A road

Who needs to come together



Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

No further action possible


This call was closed 03/11/2017 14:37:






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