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08/07/2017 13:56:19

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Issue Summary

CATG Burton Hill southbound Bus Stop hardstanding required


Latest Update

10/07/2017 09:11:20 Thank you for raising your issue with the Area Board. The Council has set up a way for local people to decide local highway improvement priorities. A local community area transport group (CATG) of local people and elected councillors comes together to consider issues and proposals and to recommend those schemes that can be taken forward in any year. Before the CATG can consider a proposal, it must first consult the local parish or town council. Only if the parish supports the issue will it be considered further. If your issue is supported by the parish council, it will be submitted to the CATG for consideration. The CATG will then decide whether it should go forward onto the list of priority schemes. Resources are very limited, so it is important that schemes are prioritised in this way. Obviously, not all schemes can be taken forward and some proposals may have to wait a while before they become a priority for funding. The CATG makes recommendations to the Area Board who will decide which schemes will be funded and taken forward. We will keep you informed of progress as we go through the steps outlined.

CATG Action / Recommendation

19/12/2017 09:24:30 5/12/17 Site meeting has taken place and outline design for bus hardstanding prepared. Estimated cost 1,650.00. PC happy to fund 30%. Move to priority 1

19/09/2017 13:53:23 12/09/17 NT: Need for hardstanding area to provide level surface to use the stop on this busy road. No bus stop sign, no space for bus to pull off the road. Creation of hardstanding cost approx. 4k. Limited usage of the bus stop. Investigate moving the bus stop to a better location. Site meeting required to discuss options.


Very High Risk Safety Issue with Bus stop.Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2-------- Original message --------From Roger Budgen rogerbudgen@ymail.com Date 08062017 1657 GMT0000 To John Thomson john.thomson@wiltshire.gov.uk Martin Rose martin.rose@wiltshire.gov.uk Subject SAFETY ISSUE - HEADS UP JohnMartinI received this yesterday and spoke to Nicola subsequently.Good morningI have been given your details after raising a concern with Wiltshire Council. We have recently moved into a row of four cottages on Burton Hill there is a bus stop at the end of our driveway. Apart from the fact that the bus drivers often drive straight past even if we are indicating for them to stop there is a more serious issue in that the bus stop is on the extremely busy fast-moving road A429 outside Home Farm cottages. The bus will only stop on the other side of the road its incredibly dangerous as there is no pavement or space to wait only the steep grass verge for us to stand on. I have a daughter and she is required to cross over the extremely busy road and try to climb the verge on the other side of the road to stand and wait. To cross the road on her own after the buses have stopped is extremely dangerous as the traffic is often travelling at 60 or 70 miles an hour including heavy haulage lorries. There is no space to step or stop on the opposite side of the road and it is concerning me greatly. I also use the buses and find it extremely dangerous could you look into this please and also look into the fact that the bus drivers are obviously not used to stopping at the stop because I do believe that we are the only ones to use it in this area. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. I have attached some pictures for your reference. Nicola Taylor. Nicola also informed me todayIn fact my daughter caught the bus today and one of the cars to the rear of the bus tried to overtake as she was crossing the road. I just have a feeling that there is an accident waiting to happen. I work with crisis and emergency services in Bristol so Im very aware how easy these things can happen and how unacceptable the current situation is. I visited the site today and its not good. Ive put the cutting back of the vegetation around the bus stop as a priority item on this months parish steward list. Ive also emailed the bus company to ask them to remind their drivers to stop at this bus stop when hailed. The issue about a safe place to access and wait on the southbound side is tricky but what if in the long term a small pedestrian refuge via a Community Issue to the CATG is established but in the short very short term what about asking Atkins during the 10 day A429 closure next week to install a quick and dirty refuge into the grass bank as a temporary measure.This is just a heads up as Im going to raise it with your permission on Tuesday. Attached are a few pictures Nicola sent me spot the bus stop in the second pictureThank youRoger


Issue Location


Street / Location

burton hill

Electoral Division


Issue Duration

since moving here July 2016

Who is Affected

Myself my daughter and my family

What has been done so far

Contacted and communicating regularly with Roger Budgen Chair Parish Counsellor and Gareth Grant out of parish Cllr

What would resolve issue

Road made safe for use of bus stop please raise with Roger Budgen as he has been to the site and is aware of the dangers.

Who needs to come together



Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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