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02/07/2017 18:10:34

Reference No



Issue Summary

Vehicles driving across green open space Derriads Lane


Latest Update

21/03/2018 16:41:55 This request was discussed at Chippenham Community Area Transport Group (CATG) 27-Feb-18: Highways Engineers advised that options are low level fencing (500) or installation of two additional bollards (875). Alternatively, there may be two bollards available in store though they are unlikely to match. CATG agreed that the installation of two recycled bollards should be investigated. Highways Engineers asked to liaise to secure 2 bollards. No allocation at this stage until costs are established

23/01/2018 14:31:22 Chippenham Community Area Transport Group (CATG) met on 10-Oct-17 and noted that on 3-Aug-17 Chippenham Town Council confirmed support for the installation of two additional bollards. CATG was advised by Highways Engineers that alternatives to additional bollards might be the installation of post and rail fencing or some soft landscaping. Access for grass cutting must be maintained. Highways Engineer asked to contact Streetscene Team to discuss options. To be discussed further at next CATG meeting.

15/09/2017 21:06:50 Considered by Chippenham Town Council 3-Aug-17:Support 2 additional bollards. This matter will now be considered by Chippenham Community Area Transport Group (CATG) 10-Oct-17

25/07/2017 21:16:30 Request referred to Chippenham Town Council for comment

CATG Action / Recommendation


van drivers going across public green open space at the top of Derriads Lane Chippenham to access A350vans have already got stuck on the grass and are causing issues with residentspedestrians SAFETY reported to local cllr.


Issue Location


Street / Location

top of Derriads Lane Chippenham

Electoral Division

Chippenham Cepen Park and Derriads

Issue Duration

6 months plus

Who is Affected

local residents

What has been done so far

spoke with Cllr

What would resolve issue

there is one bollard in situ at the moment it needs 2 more to stop the vans bumping up the kerb to access the open space or a galvanised railing to stop vehicles.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire council highways


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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