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22/06/2017 10:02:56

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16/11/2017 14:20:36 Sent to Town Council for comments

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While most motorists on Fosse way drive responsible and within the speed limit a significant minority are now driving dangerously andor significantly exceeding the speed limit. This is especially an issue during the start and end of morning rush hour with cars heading North out of Bath. As weekends motorcyclists frequently exceed the speed limit on the stretch.This has resulted in an increasing number of accidents and cars now frequently leaving the road. Several deer have been hit on this short stretch in the past year alone. Personally I have experienced a number of very near misses when cautiously exiting our gateway. As such I strongly believe that accidents will continue to escalate and that the chance of serious injury or fatality is a very real risk.While there is a small existing warning sign for the Road Hill junction this is increasingly ignored and motorists are not reducing speed in a short stretch of road with several junctions concealed entrances farm gateways bus stops and a fairly sharp corner. There has been a substantial increase in the number of cyclists using the road over the past few years and Bath University and other teams often use it for training. This has resulted in frustrated motorists making increasingly risky overtaking manoeuvres as they approach the junctions. Only two weeks ago I saw a car overtake a cyclist and two cars with oncoming traffic in between the junctions. The MOD is also currently proposing to make Colerne Airfield and Azimghur Barracks available for housing development. There is also a large private development proposed for Colerne. This could represent a huge increase in housing road users and construction machinery. No would therefore seem an excellent time to consider reducing the speed limit before things worsen further.I propose that the Metrocount to be positioned on the Fosse Way between the County boundary and junction for Road Hill Box.


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Fosse Way between Road Hill and Ashwicke Lane junctions

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

It has gradually worsened over the past few years.

Who is Affected

All users of Fosse Way and in particular the residents at various properties including Southern Wood Lodge Southernwood Home Farm The Rocks and Hunters Hall.

What has been done so far

I advise people leaving our gateway to drive as slowly as possible and only manoeuvre onto Fosse Way when no traffic is visible.

What would resolve issue

Reduction in speed limit from National to 50 Mph between the approach to Road Hill Junction and Hunters Hall at the corner of Colerne Airfield. I do not believe that this reduction will affect the progress made by the majority of motorists but will curd be excessive speeds of a minority. This will greatly increase road safety for cyclists residents and local farm machinery.

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