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03/06/2017 14:07:02

Reference No



Issue Summary

Smallbrook Lane exit onto B4314


Latest Update

08/02/2018 11:01:52 To go back to Town Development Committee for new sign and to move it further back

06/10/2017 10:43:23 White hatching previously installed MR to view

06/06/2017 09:02:30 Thank you for raising this issue. I will investigate and get back to you shortly with any proposed action.

CATG Action / Recommendation

06/10/2017 10:43:23 White hatching previously installed MR to view

06/06/2017 09:02:30 Check CATG issues as has been raised previously


Exit from Smallbrook Lane is extremely dangerous. Due to lack of visibility due to parked cars white vans. Speed of cars using the B4314.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Smallbrook Lane

Electoral Division

Warminster East

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Residents who live in Smallbrook Lane.

What has been done so far

White hazard lines to prevent parking either side of the exit - however very ineffective because your vision is still impaired and it is impossible to exit without fear of a car smashing into you.

What would resolve issue

A calming measure on the B4314 - cars are not adhering to the 30mile speed limit and even if they are you are still not visible exiting the lane. Needs traffic reducing to one lane with - narrowing chicanes allowing residents to exit safely. A notice to say that there is a hidden exit.

Who needs to come together

Highway agency/Council??


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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