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23/05/2017 16:48:18

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Issue Summary


Latest Update

23/08/2017 17:36:05 This issue will be closed as it being considered under issue number 5291

CATG Action / Recommendation

23/08/2017 17:36:05 This issue will be closed as it being considered under issue number 5291


Large Vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes Maximum Gross Weight are seen to be using the roads and bridges in and out of Lacock as a thoroughfare in contravention of the Wiltshire County Council Order 1975 603.Local people are very concerned over the risk to their safety from the increase in the volumes perceived speed and the large size of HGV PSV and farm vehicles using Lacock Parishes narrow roads and bridges. This issue was previously logged number 5219 by Mr Peter Glen 24th April 2017. It was highlighted in an article in the Wiltshire Gazette 13th April 2017. Discussions with the Police on enforcement based on photographic eveidence have taken place and the Police have made suggestions to improve signage and to help with enforcement. This issue is now being supported and formally logged by Lacock Parish Council LPC after the discussion at their 15th May 2017 meeting. The LPC are requesting a review of the exiting 7.5 weight restriction area signage and to identify and implement recommendations that will make these restrictions more effective and more easily enforced.


Issue Location


Street / Location

The roads in and around Lacock Parish with existing 7.5 tonne weight restrictions

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Several years and the issue is getting worse.

Who is Affected

Lacock Parish residents Lacock visitors pedestrianshorse riders cyclists and other road users.

What has been done so far

Lacock Parish Council LPC have discussed this issue and the agreed for it to be formally logged to obtain CATG assistance to review existing and improve the signage.

What would resolve issue

A review of the exiting 7.5 weight restriction signage and their locations in and around Lacock. To make improvements that will make the restrictions more visible and effective in deterring vehicles over 7.5 tonne.To have a reporting process for enforcement that has full ongoing Police support.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council (Highways), Police, Corsham Area Board, CATG, Lacock Parish Council, NT, Lacock Traffic Survey Group, Wiltshire College (Lackham) and Local Farmers.


Highways & Transport

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Final Outcome



This call was closed 23/08/2017 17:36:


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