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17/05/2017 18:46:25

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Issue Summary


Latest Update

23/08/2017 17:38:05 No action can be taken on this at the moment until Skynet Drive issue is progressed

CATG Action / Recommendation

23/08/2017 17:38:05 No action can be taken on this at the moment until Skynet Drive issue is progressed


The bus stop on Bradford Road between Westwood Road and Skynet Drive westbound is on an area where there is both no crossing or pavement. During school dropoffs X31 and X83 services the children are dropped off with no safe means to cross the road to the residential properties on the North side of the road. As the speed limit is currently 50mph the traffic is moving at considerable speed and do not take into account the safety of the children. My daughter has attempted to cross and despite a car stopping to allow them to cross numerous vehicles overtook this car causing them to have to step back.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Bradford Road Rudloe Corsham

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

2 Years

Who is Affected

All individuals using the bus services that service this particular bus stop.

What has been done so far

I have asked my daughter to request the bus to turn into Westwood Road to drop off but as this isnt a timetabled route as according to Faresaver Buses this isnt always possible.

What would resolve issue

I would like to see if a crossing can be put in place at this particular stop to assist with the safe crossing of pedestrians using the public transport services. Alternatively getting Faresaver to make the bus services stopping there to turn into Westwood Road and drop off on the residential side of Bradford Road.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council, Highways Agency, Faresaver Buses, Corsham Town Council


Highways & Transport

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Current Status

in progress








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