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03/04/2017 16:11:11

Reference No



Issue Summary

CATG problems with road markings outside AsdaNext


Latest Update

13/12/2017 15:22:15 At present, the road marking layout is to remain. With regard to the signal timings and sequencing, until plans for the old Bowyers site and the railway station entrance are confirmed, no decision can be taken as to the most appropriate improvements in this area.

04/08/2017 11:12:59 Issue discussed at CATG. This issue will form part of wider discussions on traffic flow in this area. We are awaiting a traffic flow report from developers which will inform future discussions and any actions.

05/04/2017 14:06:06 Issue received, forwarded to highways officer and local Cllr. Issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the community area transport group in June.

04/04/2017 16:43:52 Issue received.

CATG Action / Recommendation


The mini roundabout outside AsdaNext is causing problems with the road markings and many who are going in the right hand lane which is leading to Asda are actually going across the crossing and turning right past the old Bowyers site. I actually did this a while back as the queue in the left hand lane was backing up considerably and experience road rage with someone following me outside Sainsburys and continuing to give me verbal abuse. In my opinion the right hand lane should be market to go either into Asda or across the crossing and right past the old Bowyers site to alleviate the back up in the left lane and to avoid such problems.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Bythesea Road

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Since the road markings were first painted on

Who is Affected

Heavy traffic in both lanes particularly at peak times and I fear there could be an accident with some pulling out from the left hand lane to jump the queue and go across the crossing turning right.

What has been done so far

I work for Wiltshire Council and was talking about road rage with a colleague who thought I should raise this problem with the existing road markings.

What would resolve issue

Change the existing road markings to alleviate such road rage and perhaps an accident taking place as many do ignore the current markings.

Who needs to come together

I don't live in Trowbridge but would like this looked into as I do work in Bythesea Road and worry every time I travel along past Next. I reported this to the CEM for Trowbridge and Highways who suggested completing an Issue form.


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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