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20/03/2017 10:53:32

Reference No



Issue Summary

CATG parked vans causing nuisance


Latest Update

30/05/2017 10:05:19 Issue forwarded to new Cllr for area for info.

20/03/2017 15:17:31 Issue reported to Wiltshire police. Resident advised to liaise with Town Council re possibility of waiting restrictions or residents parking zone.

20/03/2017 12:15:24 Issue received and forwarded to Highways officer and Parking Services. Response is- Parking Services can only enforce where there are restrictions present. If the vehicles mentioned are parking on a double or single yellow line/s they will be issued with penalty charge notices during our regular patrols of the area. If they are parking on unrestricted stretches of the Highway and causing a nuisance or danger then the Police can become involved to try and resolve the issues. Please advise your Community Engagement Manager on 07709245496 whether the parking is on restricted or unrestricted parking areas.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Im writing to you on both my own behalf that of my three immediate neighbours concerning an increasing level of non resident parking more particularly commercial vehicles on the entrance stretch of Clarendon Road.There have been as many as five vans parked overnight which leads to the consequential noise nuisance created by the drivers from between 5.30 am this morning 7.00am. We are more or less daily subjected to multiple door banging engine revving or as this morning one van driver sitting in his vehicle with the engine running for 10 minutes with both the noise unnecessary additional air pollution.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Clarendon Rd Trowbridge

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

several months

Who is Affected


What has been done so far

I wrote to the environmental element of the council through the website some two weeks ago to date Ive had no response.

What would resolve issue

Investigate the issue determine whether any parking violations being carried out and the nuisance caused to local residents. Advise van drivers to park outside their own properties.

Who needs to come together

Council Police


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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