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15/09/2016 09:28:01

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Issue Summary

CATG Speeding New Park Street


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Speeding vehicles and very heavy transport. From the turning of New Park Street into Northgate Street towards the pelican crossing at The Nursery.Some very heavy goods vehicles are turning from New Park Street into Northgate Street too fast and are nearly mounting the pavement. St Josephs School has access from this very busy road.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Northgate Street.

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

It has become worse int the last four years.

Who is Affected

St Josephs Catholic School children entering and leaving their premises. There is also the town bridge over the canal. It is grade 2 listed and some of the juggernauts are far too heavy to be continually crossing it especially at speed. The pavement on the left hand side of the bridge near The Esso Garage is very narrow.

What has been done so far

I have contacted the school for their opinion but I already know that children run up towards the busy road on many occasions and are only just stopped in their tracks by parents. Ive also contacted the Canal and River Trust about the heavy lorries using the bridge at speed and have made them aware about possible damage to a listed bridge. I have also copied Isla McNeal The Conservation Officer in to the email I sent them.

What would resolve issue

The school needs a patrol crossing before a child get injured or killed. More signs need to be put into place to remind motorists that this is a 30mph stretch of road. Realistically there should be a limit to the weight of large vehicles that cross the bridge given the fact that many of the drivers ignore the speed limit. It cant take the weight of juggernauts without damage occurring to its structure.

Who needs to come together

St Josephs Catholic School, Highways, The Canal and River Trust, and The Conservation Department Wiltshire Council whom I have contacted. I will only contact my MP as a last resort, as I'm sure these matters can be dealt with efficiently within their own departments.


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