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27/02/2018 14:18:45

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Issue Summary

CATG - Geese Signage


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CATG Action / Recommendation


Upavon has what I believe is a unique situation in that it has a number of geese currently eleven that whilst using the river by the bridge as their base do roam . They can quite often be found in the road. They add to the charm of the village and they are to be encouraged and protected.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Andover Road Upavon A342

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

For as long as I have lived here nearly 7 years.

Who is Affected

Anyone who drives on the A 342 to or from Andover and into or out of Upavon.

What has been done so far

As a member of Upavon Parish Council I raised the issue when I joined the Parish Council in July. The Parish. Punchline has greed to pay for warning signs pay for their installation and maintenance.

What would resolve issue

I would like permission to arrange for the installation of these signs as soon as possible.

Who needs to come together

CATG, Pewsey Bord, Highways department


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