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29/01/2018 21:12:00

Reference No



Issue Summary

Poorly marked sharp bend on B4192 at Chilton Foliat


Latest Update

CATG Action / Recommendation


We are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of vehicles which fail to take the right angle bend on the B4192 close to Chilton Foliat resulting in them departing the highway and impacting the embankment.To date no fatalities have occurred but injuries are being sustained in addition to extensive damage to vehicles.The bend in question is situated at the end of a long mostly straight section of the B4192 subject to a 60 mph speed limit. Littlecote lane joins the B4192 at this bend and it is believed that this has led to confusion with drivers mistaking the lane for a continuation of the main highway and only at the last second realising their mistake and attempting to make the turn with disastrous results. The bend in question is of 90 degrees and only has a single chevron warning sign at the immediate entrance to the bend. This is considered inadequate and the lack of sufficient warning is resulting in numerous accidents. I have photographic evidence in support which can be emailed on request


Issue Location


Street / Location

Chilton Foliat B4192

Electoral Division

Aldbourne and Ramsbury

Issue Duration

At least 12 months likely much longer.

Who is Affected

Principally drivers from outside the area who are unaware of the dangerous bend.

What has been done so far

As a Parish Councillor for Chilton Foliat we discussed this issue at the council meeting in November where upon it was agreed that a service request be raised onto WCC. I subsequently raised service request 1764561 requesting additional signage and rumble strips be installed on the approach to the bend in question. I was subsequently advised by the WCC that the issue should be included in the forthcoming CATG meeting at Marlborough on the 22nd Feb.

What would resolve issue

Additional warning signage and rumble strips to be installed.

Who needs to come together

WCC highways department to install above.


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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