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05/12/2017 14:13:28

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Issue Summary

Request for safety measures George Lane Marlborough


Latest Update

13/02/2018 12:41:59 Marlborough St. Mary’s is one of several schools which is on the list for a feasibility study to look into highway improvements through the Taking Action of School Journeys fund. The Cabinet member for Highways will be making a decision over which schools are successful in March. If Marlborough St Mary’s goes through, then feasibility studies will begin early in the summer term. This issue will be updated in March following the cabinet member’s decision.

07/02/2018 16:39:59 The recent assessment for new 20mph limits within Marlborough town show that George Lane does not qualify for 20mph under the criteria of Wiltshire Councils policy. A temporary 20mph limit at school times might still be possible through the Taking Action On School Journeys route.

05/12/2017 16:56:29 We know about the situation with more pupils and parents using and crossing George Lane to access the new Marlborough St Marys school site. Wilts Councils School Travel Adviser is working with the school to put new arrangements in place. Temporary 20mph limits and flashing lights can only be requested through Taking Action On School Journeys funding and be applied for by the school. An application for funding for just this purpose is being developed. It should be noted these features are not standard and there is no requirement on Wilts Council to install them. This issue will be logged as evidence of Marlborough TCs wish to see action taken on George Lane and their support for Marlborough St Marys in a bid to the Taking Action On School Journeys fund.

CATG Action / Recommendation


Highways safety issues at George Lane a route to the new Marlborough St Marys School. FP28 the path linking Van Diemens Close entrance and school to George Lane and where children cross the road with the help of a lollipop lady there is no pedestrian crossing in place here. There has been wide criticism about the lack of safety measures on this stretch of road. In particular the fact there are no signs warning motorists about the proximity of a school. Outside other schools 20mph limits have been set for either end of the school day accompanied by signage and flashing lights. There is nothing in place here.


Issue Location


Street / Location

George Lane Marlborough

Electoral Division

Marlborough West

Issue Duration

Many years but risks increased with the opening of the new Marlborough St Marys Priimary S

Who is Affected

Schoolchildren and parents many with pushchairs having to cross the road where there is no pedestrian crossing.

What has been done so far

Meetings have been held at the school between staff governors parents local residents and representatives from the Town Council. More generally the Town Council has requested metro counts with a view to an eventual 20mph speed restriction in the town. George Lane was included in this. The data has been collected and analysis now awaited.

What would resolve issue

The Town Council would like Highways to address this issue at the very least with proper signage and flashing warning lights about the proximity of a school. At its Planning meeting of 20 February 2017 Town Councillors agreed to support a request for 20 mph zones outside of local schools under an initiative implemented by the then WC Portfolio Holder for Highways. It is recorded under minute number52416 RESOLVED iii to support requests for 20mph zones outside of local schools under the new scheme introduced by Wiltshire Council. No action has yet been taken.

Who needs to come together

The school, Wiltshire Council (CATG) and Highways.


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress




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