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08/11/2017 10:23:52

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Issue Summary

CATG Narrow footpath in Charlton B4040


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Very narrow gap between road and footpath alongside B4040 through Charlton just east of the pub notably on the crown of the slight left-hand bend and just as the road slopes downhill. Pedestrians feel threatened by the very close proximity to the traffic especially the lorries of which as is well known there are many driving through the village. No kerbing at that point - just a narrow low bank of grass verge. Additionally the footpath is itself very narrow with a hedge on the far side which inevitably grows out and narrows the available width we try to keep the hedge cut well back by the landowner with occasional Parish Steward assistance. Narrow gap made worse by vehicles over-running the verge at that point. Also recent re-surfacing put tar onto part of the over-run thus tending to consolidate the narrowing of the gap. Photographs available but I cant see how to attach them to this Issue report.


Issue Location


Street / Location

B4040 just east of pub in village of Charlton.

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Parish Council has received complaints for some years.

Who is Affected

Anyone walking on the footpath between the eastern end of the village and the pubrest of the village.

What has been done so far

Have asked the pub to keep the hedge cut well back and task Parish Steward with siding out the footpath edges.

What would resolve issue

Parish Council believes there is a scale of possible solutions increasing in cost and efficacy from at the lowest cost white lining to highlight the true edge of the Highway possibly including reinstating the full width of grass verge through the shortest stretch of kerbing perhaps just 25 metres to full kerbing of the whole stretch about 150 metres. Full paving of the footpath is likely to be much too expensive.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Highways.


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