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26/09/2017 17:23:03

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The bridge at Reybridge often gets hit by vehicles. In some cases the damage has been substantial. This mostly occurs on the southern opening to the bridge. Theres a 7.5t weight restriction on the bridge so the local feeling is that large vehicles reach the bridge realise they cant cross and attempt to do a 3-point turn on the bridge but hit the bridge in doing so.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Reybridge Lacock

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Several years - occurs multiple times per year

Who is Affected

Drivers of large vehicles and other users of the bridge

What has been done so far

Met with Parish Council and Julian Haines at the bridge site on 260917

What would resolve issue

Preferably something to stop large vehicles driving down to Reybridge. Otherwise something to protect the bridge from the impact of cars - perhaps large stones slightly set away from the bridge.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council, Lacock Parish Council


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