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09/09/2017 17:32:21

Reference No



Issue Summary

concerns about neighbour parking


Latest Update

11/09/2017 10:18:41 referring to officer and local councillor for comment

CATG Action / Recommendation


Dont know if you can help but a neighbour has a sign on her fence saying not to park in front of her gate left by a elderly couple she doesnt park in front of her gate she parks up the road alittle and takes up 3 spaces outside her property its a public road. If you park any where near her house she hits your car and parks a mm away from your car. We have confronted her and she says its her parking this is on a main road and no permits or anything. She is damaging cars and we fell her sign shouldnt be aloud


Issue Location


Street / Location

Sp3 3jp

Electoral Division

Salisbury St Francis and Stratford

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Anyone who parks in front of 74 stratford road

What has been done so far

Try to say its public road but she says its her road. We said if you dont want people to park their get a drive like everyone else and she smiled and said she like parking mm away from cars and damaging them

What would resolve issue

Inform her that anyone can park their its not her road

Who needs to come together


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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