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29/08/2017 17:53:58

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Crossing the road from Park Avenue Rudloe to Portal Avenue Rudloe. The line of visibility from the southern approach of Leafy Lane lacks line of sight and traffic speed is 40mph. Crossing the road is difficult for older people and children because the traffic approaches very quickly once the vehicle is visible. There have been several near misses especially problematic when a bus is waiting at the bus stop which forces the traffic out into the southbound carriageway often without slowing down significantly.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Park Avenue Rudloe

Electoral Division

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

People crossing the road from Park Avenue to Portal Avenue. Particularly those less mobile seem at greater risk.

What has been done so far

Met with local residents and observed traffic speed.

What would resolve issue

Improved line of sight from Park Avenue to the south along Leafy Lane so traffic can be seen earlier.Introduce signage highlighting crossing point. Change street scene to reduce traffic speed.

Who needs to come together

MOD Corsham Wiltshire Highways Box Parish Council


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