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09/08/2017 17:25:58

Reference No



Issue Summary

Lorry signage Compton BassettA3102


Latest Update

CATG Action / Recommendation


lorries accidentally turning into Compton Bassett from the A3102.This happens quite frequently because of the location of the recycling Centre.We have set up a system with Hills to report it to them and they have agreed to Pay up to 2000 to place signs on A3102 to help alleviate the issue


Issue Location


Street / Location

Compton Basset

Electoral Division

Calne Rural

Issue Duration

Many Years but seems to be getting worse recently

Who is Affected

Every single resident on the lane

What has been done so far

We have met with Hills and set up a system for them to deal with drivers who do this. We are also researching getting in touch with the lorry sat nav system.We have met with Hills and got their agreement to fund the signage

What would resolve issue

Two signs erected on A3102 one in each direction facing on coming traffic clearly warning lorries of the issue. At present Lorry drivers sometimes say that they were committed to the lane before seeing the signs

Who needs to come together

Compton Bassett Parish Council, Hills and Wiltshire Council Highways


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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