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08/08/2017 23:28:35

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19/12/2017 17:16:39 This has been sent to the Parish Council for their initial responses

CATG Action / Recommendation


There is an inappropriate speed limit on the road at Chapel Plaister. If people travel at the speed limit over the brow of a hill and blind junction it will not be long until somebody is killed. Yet another incident a couple of weeks ago with a cyclist. The police were involved again. I wish somebody would come out and look as you cant tell from a map.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Chapel Plaister on the Bradford Road

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

Always especially now alot more traffic as MOD has expanded.

Who is Affected

Anyone who tries to pull out of the junction.

What has been done so far

Written to the council and MP but unhelpful responses.

What would resolve issue

Reduce the speed limit please.

Who needs to come together

The community have tried over the years to no avail.


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


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Current Status

in progress








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