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25/07/2017 15:23:06

Reference No



Issue Summary

Swaynes Close contraflow cycling request


Latest Update

28/07/2017 18:56:50 To be assessed following consideration by the city council

CATG Action / Recommendation


Could consideration be given to contraflow cycling in Swaynes Close SalisburyThis leads to an important link across the Ring Road bridge from Marlborough Road to Victoria Road and cyclists currently have to dismount to walk this section of their route.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Swaynes Close

Electoral Division

Salisbury St Edmund and Milford

Issue Duration

Many years

Who is Affected

Cyclists and other road users

What has been done so far

COGS the Cycling Opportunities Group Salisbury have been trying to improve infrastructure for cyclists in and around Salisbury for many years and work with WC officers and councillors on the Cycle Liaison Panel and this issue has been discussed in that forum. Wiltshire Council Highways have done a metrocount on Swaynes Close and both number and speed of vehicles is within the range permitted for cycle contraflow.COGS members considered Swaynes Close a high priority for contraflow making the point that there is a direct route into town but one has to divert on the way back or dismount and walk because of the Swaynes Close one way.

What would resolve issue

In order to improve the cycle network in Salisbury further consideration needs to be given to cycle contraflow along Swaynes Close.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council Highways


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status

in progress








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