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05/07/2017 06:05:07

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Issue Summary

Inconsiderate parking causing access issues Lordsmead


Updated in last 7 days (15/09/2017 21:13:)

Latest Update

15/09/2017 21:13:07 Considered by Chippenham Town Council 3-Aug-17: The Town Council understands a WR1 form has been submitted for consideration under the Chippenham Parking Review. This matter will be considered by Chippenham Community Area Transport Group (CATG) 10-Oct-17

05/07/2017 06:26:02 Referred to Town Council for comment

CATG Action / Recommendation


The issue is workers from Bumpers farm parking outside residents homes on Lords mead. The majority of these parked cars belong to the Royal Mail. I was in two minds about writing this as the absolute last thing that we want is double yellows as this will affect not only us but our community who we full support which is the allotments and St Peters church. All residents expect cars to be parked at one time or another due to people attending their allotment a church service or school pick up time. I also understand that the workers on Bumpers need to be able to park to attend work and expect that they are now parking else where due to the traffic leaving Bumpers farm and the lack of parking. Surely though Bumpers farms should provide enough spaces


Issue Location


Street / Location

Lordsmead Chippenham

Electoral Division

Chippenham Cepen Park and Derriads

Issue Duration


Who is Affected

Residents.When they park opposite driveways due to the narrow road it makes it very difficult to get off of your driveway. Im also extremely worried about the amount of school children who use the pavements to walk to school and with all the cars parked they are hidden. Also on occasions Ive been concerned that emergency services would find it hard to get through the and find a place to park.

What has been done so far

Polite notes left on drivers windscreens on several occasions. Contacted local Councillor.

What would resolve issue

I do not believe that any resident will want double yellows as it restrict all of us being able have visitors park for a short time. I believe that a parking restriction of no parking between 9am and 5pm would allow residents to use their own road. This parking restriction should only be in front of houses as the allotments and church should still be able to have full parking and there are no houses opposite them. As a suggestion the empty field opposite St Peters is only used by dog walkers and teenagers. Could that not be converted into a free car park for Bumpers It must be free though or we will still have the same issue.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


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Current Status

in progress




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