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12/06/2017 20:50:56

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15/06/2017 11:10:50 This issue has been sent to the Town Council who own most of the land for their comments

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Next to the wonderful Springfield campus in Corsham is a playing field with great facilities such as a skate park activity park tennis courts football pitches and a running cycle circuit. The community couldnt ask for more as the facilities are wonderful. The only issue is the amount of dog faeces in the central grass area of the park which is commonly used by familys but also by uncaring dog owners. Recently as many as 12 sets of parents have complained to me on this subject and as a result they will not allow their children to play in the grass land area of the park which is a great shame given the potential of the facility.So far one of the children fell sick as a result of Dog faeces and on many an occasion parents spend time cleaning shoes from the unsightly and smelly mess. This is a great shame as a larger number of familys would utilise the facility if it were treated with more respect by a small minority.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Community Park - Valley Road

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

1 yr

Who is Affected

All local residents that use the park in particular children and familys.

What has been done so far

Spoken to parents and dog owners alike. Also on a weekly basis 45 parents scour the ground on a Saturday before using the field and mark every spot where dog faeces can be found. We then set about cleaning up the mess.

What would resolve issue

Visible signage put in place around the park along with faecal bins to encourage dog owners to clean up after them. Fines to be installed if owners are caught not clearing the ground after a dog has defecated.

Who needs to come together

Not sure which department this would fall under. Possibly health and safety.



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in progress








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