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06/04/2017 23:44:10

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Issue Summary

CATG dropped kerbs Queens Road


Latest Update

20/07/2017 10:00:03 Highways Engineer indicated that this dropped kerb is for private resident access and must be applied for through the proper channels. http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/highways-streets Anyone wishing to construct a private vehicle access from the highway into their property must apply to us for permission to do so and we will send you an application pack. Please also be aware of the following: •In some circumstances planning permission is also required, (e.g. if you intend to carry out excavation works, live in a listed building or conservation area or where permitted development rights have been removed under an earlier planning permission). On receipt of your completed application form we will make these enquiries on your behalf to the planning office. •We also need to know if your access will cross any public land and if this is the case you will need to ask the landowners permission. •If you are a council/housing association tenant or rent your property please first obtain the consent of your landlord before applying and enclose their written agreement with the return of the application form. •We also ask that you please include a diagram of the proposed access. In the interest of safety and liability it is essential that all works are undertaken by an appropriately licensed contractor. You can select any contractor, but they must hold public liability insurance for a minimum of £5 million and street works accreditation and will need to provide documentary evidence if the council does not already hold up-to-date copies of these documents. As the Highway Authority for Wiltshire (excl. Swindon Borough Council), we have a statutory duty to protect gas, water, electric cables and pipes that might be affected when works are on, or next to the highway. When an application is submitted for private access to the highway, we will make enquiries into the location of these utilities on your behalf. An information sheet detailing the required specification of your vehicle access will be sent with your application pack. For further advice please telephone or email us. Please note that work must not commence until written authorisation is issued. Applications Please use the application form and specification which can be found in the downloads section and submit along with the fee stated on the form. Applications take arounf 12 weeks to be processed.This application form is only for vehicle accesses onto unclassified roads. There is a £127.10 charge for the administration process of the application and applicants are responsible for all costs of the actual construction works involved. Telephone 01225 713352 Email vehicleaccess@wiltshire.gov.uk

26/06/2017 09:24:40 Westbury Town Council support this and would like to contribute up to £200. WTC would like to make this a priority. WTC would also like a ‘White Line’ in front of the dropped kerb to stop people parking there

11/04/2017 10:53:48 Thank you for raising your issue with the Area Board. The Council has set up a way for local people to decide local highway improvement priorities. A local community area transport group (CATG) of local people and elected councillors comes together to consider issues and proposals and to recommend those schemes that can be taken forward in any year. Before the CATG can consider a proposal, it must first consult the local parish or town council. Only if the parish supports the issue will it be considered further. If your issue is supported by the parish council, it will be submitted to the CATG for consideration. The CATG will then decide whether it should go forward onto the list of priority schemes. Resources are very limited, so it is important that schemes are prioritised in this way. Obviously, not all schemes can be taken forward and some proposals may have to wait a while before they become a priority for funding. The CATG makes recommendations to the Area Board who will decide which schemes will be funded and taken forward. We will keep you informed of progress as we go through the steps outlined.

CATG Action / Recommendation

20/07/2017 10:00:03 .


1.The lack of a dropped kerb from Queens Road to the driveway which is to the left of the bungalow. 2. The lack of sufficient dropped kerbs in the Groves vacinity to enable this lady to get from her bungalow to the nearby park.


Issue Location


Street / Location

41 Queens Road

Electoral Division

Westbury North

Issue Duration

2-3 years

Who is Affected

The severely disabled resident who has a car via The Mobility Scheme.She uses a wheelchair otherwise including indoors.To get to the park she can access the road from a crossing nearby but then has to stay in the road until she finds someones drive to get back up onto the pavement some distance from her home.

What has been done so far

She has contacted the WC highways dept several times but always speaks to different people or gets told the person she needs to speak to is not in the office and she feels this issue has not progressed at all.I said i would try to help which is why I am reporting the issue.She says she has spoken to Selwood Housing who are supportive of this application.

What would resolve issue

She would like the dropped kerb with suitable access to her driveway. It would be beneficial if her drive could be tarmaced as well as the access from the road to the drive.it would be beneficial for her and I am sure others within her community for there to be more disabled pavement access in the community.

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council and Selwood Housing Association.


Community Area Transport Group

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

Not a valid issue for the Area Board


This call was closed 20/07/2017 10:00:






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