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04/04/2017 20:58:13

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Issue Summary

Speeding at Chopping Knife Lane Marlborough


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I am appealing desperately for urgent action to be taken. I have written to Wiltshire Council who have said that I need to send my appeal to you.I live in Chopping Knife Lane Marlborough the experience of which is constant speeding motorist passing my home supposedly a 20mph area although it is obvious for most drivers that this speed limit is unlimited. The speed at which most cars pass my home is that more commonly found at a drag strip or racing circuit. Not only is this a serious noise disturbance but moreover a serious risk to pedestrians.Last year unfortunately my complaint to the authorities about one car in particular lead to a fatality a week later. The speeding cars not only from the London Road end of Chopping Knife Lane but mostly from Vespasian Road and White Horse Road are not clear what the speed limit is as there are no signs to make motorists aware that children could be running around nearby and that the speed should be SLOW at 20mph. In realitythere is an urgent vital requirement for two signs leading from VespasianWhite Horse Road leading to London Road covering Chopping Knife Lane to ensure the speed limit in this area is adhered to and respect the local residents.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Chopping Knife Lane

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

4 Years

Who is Affected

All residents on the St Johns Park Development

What has been done so far

Made a complaint to the police unfortunately a week later after the motorist took no notice of the warning a fatality occurred involving the reported speeding motorist.

What would resolve issue

More road signs dictating the speed limit and the need for careful and slow driving.

Who needs to come together

Just road signs/digital speed signs to make t clear from both ends of the road what the speed limit is, as currently it is not clear.


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