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11/03/2017 14:31:45

Reference No



Issue Summary

faulty signals on Milford Hill


Latest Update

05/04/2017 14:28:56 Dear Mr. Hotchkiss I am writing further to the recent Area Board Issue (No. 5223) you raised in connection with the above subject. May I firstly thank you for taking the time to raise the issue in question. There are two different ways of raising highway related matters with the council and which method is used depends on the type of issue that is being raised: • Issues concerning damage to or repairs required to existing parts of the public highway or street furniture are considered to be maintenance issues and should be reported via the My Wiltshire App. This, amongst many other things, includes potholes, damaged street signs and broken traffic signals, including those which you consider are not operating properly. Reporting maintenance issues via the My Wiltshire App will ensure that they are investigated and remedial works, where necessary, are undertaken as quickly as possible. To raise an issue via the My Wiltshire App please click here. By providing your email address at the time of raising an issue via the My Wiltshire App you will receive any updates related to that issue. In respect of the problem with the traffic signals at the junction of Rampart Road and Milford Hill I have forwarded a copy of your comments direct to the Wiltshire Council Traffic Signal Team to investigate. I have asked that they provide a response direct to you. • Issues requesting new measures on the public highway where they don’t currently exist are raised via the Area Board Issue system. This, amongst many other things, includes requests for new warning signs, pedestrian crossings and traffic management measures. Again doing so will ensure that any issues raised are investigated as quickly as possible. To raise an area board issue please click here. Again by providing your email address at the time of raising an Area Board issue you will receive any updates related to that issue. The Area Board Issue pertaining to this matter will be closed.

15/03/2017 12:17:12 issue noted and being passed to technical officer for advice

CATG Action / Recommendation


Faulty traffic signals on Milford Hill at the junction with Rampart Street. Significant delays are being caused to all traffic including public service vehicles with severe congestion at peak periods.


Issue Location


Street / Location

Milford Hill

Electoral Division

Salisbury St Edmund and Milford

Issue Duration

Two days

Who is Affected

All traffic using Milford Hill and Rampart Street

What has been done so far

Nothing the issue is outside our control

What would resolve issue

The sequencing of the traffic signals should be adjusted to permit a more regular flow of traffic

Who needs to come together

Wiltshire Council Highways


Highways & Transport

In touch with Councillor


Sub Classification

Current Status


Final Outcome

Forwarded to relevant Service officer(s) for action


This call was closed 05/04/2017 14:28:






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