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07/02/2017 15:04:05

Reference No



Issue Summary

barrier at Station Road


Latest Update

CATG Action / Recommendation


From Calne Community Safety Forum. Requirement for a barrier at the bottom of Spring Lane opposite the fire station to prevent cyclists esp school children from cycling straight out and onto main road


Issue Location


Street / Location

Spring LaneStation Road

Electoral Division

Issue Duration

2 years

Who is Affected

Cars and pedestians. Several near misses reported t the Forum

What has been done so far

We have been advocating for yellow lines and parking restrictions on this corner to give better line of sight but this will not stop bikes from dropping straight onto the road and there is no warning as the pathway is hidden

What would resolve issue

Staggered barrier across the pathway which will slow down cyclists and children giving better reaction times from drivers attempting to clear parked cars and oncoming traffic.

Who needs to come together

CATG, CAB and Wiltshire Council. We have been in discussion with Highways but they cannot move forward without CAB funding and support.


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